Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

On behalf of the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, I am delighted to announce and invite submissions from filmmakers in general to send submissions to Cine Gaia, 1st Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden International Environmental Film Festival.

Would you please be so kind as to help us tell people about the Call for Submissions open until September 22, 2008?

Please find the information below:

Call for Submissions: Cine Gaia, 1st Rio de Janeiro Botanical GardenInternational Environmental Film Festival.

Deadline for receipt of submissions is September 22, 2008.

- There is no submission fee.
- One film per director.
- A film with an environmental theme is understood as a work that treats environmental questions be it a documentary or a fiction wherein the relationship between man and nature is one of the main elements.
- Films of all genres, durations, and techniques and without any restrictions on the date of production that treat the environmental theme will be accepted.

It is a great pleasure for us to announce this event during the Bicentennial of the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. The event is entirely free of charge and will stimulate both discussions, promote the films and greatly benefit the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden that is part of the Ministry of the Environment.

Please be so kind as to see our website: www.cinegaia.org (or via the link on the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden homepage: www.jbrj.gov.br) where you will find the regulations and submission form.

Free Seminars and Screenings on International Cinema with Film London

Beyond the Frame: Cinemas of the Far East, the Middle East and Africa

Beyond the Frame is an exciting series of free two hour introductoryseminars and screenings on cinemas of the Far East, the Middle East andAfrica led by leading experts at the School of Oriental and AfricanStudies, University of London, organised by InSight Education andsupported by Film London. Every Wednesday evening from 17th September -3rd December participants will have the chance to explore a nationalcinema through a screening of a key film and, the following week, aseminar examining the film and exploring its relationship with itsnational cinema. The season starts on the 17th with Nagisa Oshima'sseminal 'Night and Fog in Japan.'

These special events will be held at the SOAS campus, Vernon Square, Kings Cross from 18.30-20.30, but to attend them you must book first so please visit www.insighteducation.org.uk now for more information or email info@insighteducation.org.uk stating which screenings and seminars you would like to attend in the subject line.

Cinemas included in the series will be: Japan (17th and 24th Sept); China (1st and 8th Oct); Thailand (15th and 22nd Oct); Egypt (29th Oct and 5th Nov); Iran (12th and 19th Nov) and Africa (26th Nov and 3rd Dec). No prior knowledge is needed.

The 18th Films from the South Festival

OSLO OCTOBER 9 - 19 2008

Films from the South (FFS) is a unique international film festival based in the
capital of Norway. Since 1991 the festival has catered for a diversed audience, the
norwegian press and distributors by presenting the best films and filmmakers from
Asia, Africa and Latin America. Each year 140 feature films, documentaries and short
films are presented, over ten festival days and 330 screenings.

Films from the South is proud to present some of the highlights of this year´s

South Africa 2008Directed by Steve Jacobs
Films from the South presents the European premiere of Disgrace, based on the novel
of the same name by Nobel Prize winner in literature J. M. Coetzee. Disgrace
describes the degradation of University Professor David Lurie (John Malkovich) after
he starts an affair with a young student. Both film and book explore political and
social themes directly connected to the post-apartheid period that the country finds
itself in. The novel was a great success internationally but is highly controversial
in South Africa. The film’s world premiere is in Toronto in September.

Waltz With Bashir
Israel 2008
Directed by Ari Folman
Films from the South presents the Nordic premiere of the animation documentary Waltz
With Bashir, one of the films that received the highest attention during this
year’s Cannes festival. Against the backdrop of the massacres in Sabra and
Shatila, after the Israeli invasion of West Beirut in 1982, this highly original and
beautiful film portrays the memory of war and evil in an unexpected and honest
manner. To reawaken suppressed war memories from twenty years back, director Folman
calls on his old soldier friends.

Tokyo Sonata
Japan 2008
Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Kiyoshi Kurosawa is one of Japan’s most interesting directors and a regular at
the world’s most important festivals, with films like Cure (1997), Charisma
(1999) and Pulse (2001). Kurosawa has made more than thirty films in as many years,
and even though he is best known for his horror movies, he is also good at
portraying the human soul. Films from the South presents the Nordic premiere of his
latest film Tokyo Sonata, which won the Jury Prize in the sidebar programme Un
Certain Regard at this year’s Cannes festival.

Stray Dog
Brazil 2007
Regi: Beto Brant
Stray Dog is a lively urban contemporary drama with strong performances and tightly
dynamic storytelling. It is a character-driven film about the intense relationship
between the protagonist Ciro and his girlfriend. Beto Brant is currently regarded as
one of the greatest talents in Brazilian cinema, and Stray Dog explores a passionate
love drama between two young poetic people, where the interaction between the two
leading actors creates great intensity and presence. The film has won a number of
awards in its home country and at Latin American festivals.

Anthology Film Archives

32 Second Ave @ 2nd Street

Tuesday, September 2nd

NewFilmmakers presents two nights at the movie. Tonight the singer Esthero will be
attending the screening of HUSH, wa new film with her music.


David Joshua Smith CATHARSIS
William Michals LEAD SINGER
Kathleen Ruffalo MANY JANES


Eva Minemar HUSH
Sal Massari HEAVY DUTY


Dave, a young man in his mid twenties, wanders alone along Ocean Parkway; connecting
only to the world seen through the lens of a video camera. Currently he is at a
cross roads in his life due to the tragic death of his mother. In the midst of this
he meets a young woman.

Wednesday, September 3rd

NewFilmmakers presents a second night at the movies


Gavin Heffernan GRAND WHEEL
Andreas Troeger KILL THE ARTIST


Jason Klein WASTED


The abuse of justice and power by the US government is examined in the microcosm of
a crime thriller. Feeling powerless after his girlfriend is raped by a police
officer, Charlie turns to street crime and eventually terrorist acts so shocking
they garner him a cult like following of angry young Americans.


Set in a Dominican neighborhood of upper Manhattan, Nothing to Nobody tells the
story of Alfonso Raul, a tortured young man with the soul of a poet. Alfonso has
served an eighteen month prison sentence. He wants to put the past behind him.

For more information see www.newfilmmakers.com

Limelight launch press release 2008

The East end has officially begun its count down as it opened its doors for the limelight film and arts awards competition on the 3rd of June 2008.

Limelight is a ground breaking film and arts competition followed by a prestigious awards ceremony which was created by film company Spotlight UK! They are in joint partnership on this project with Canary Wharf Group. The ceremony which people are already referring to as an ‘Oscar style’ event, welcomed many guests and local talents to it’s prominent launch, addressing the expectations and goals for this years campaign.

The primary aim as it has always been is to give a platform to those who are deprived from recognition after working so hard to produce a short film or other creative works.

The night kicked off with Munsur Ali (Limelight Director & Co Event Director) welcoming and addressing the guests, expanding on the core aims and objectives limelight hopes to achieve this year. The main key developments are new categories & a new range of talented performers for the night.

‘There is unbelievable talent within our communities that are unrecognised, untapped, and unappreciated, Limelight is the platform that will be opening doors for local talents.’

- Munsur Ali

Richard Van Gramberg (Head of Production & Limelight Co Event Director) created an exhilarating promo teaser video which really captured the prestigious awards ceremony and gave us all a little taster of what we can all expect at the 2009 awards show.

‘With the tremendous success of the 2008 awards show, we are looking to continue and build on that success and really showcase the great talents that London has to offer.

– Richard Van Gramberg

The Annual film and Arts competition which is followed by an Oscar style Awards ceremony, has been commended by film critics, celebrities, dignitaries, performers and local talents.

Limelight is going to be exploding and reaching out further than last year with a whole new group of celebrity guests, attendees and performers. The Host for Limelight 2009 is being kept a secret as the interest has grown, while 2008’s event was hosted by the lovely Konnie Huq.

Limelight shows London talents it’s appreciation by giving out awards to the best crafted works, plus the mega prize for best film of the night which is £5000 worth of production for the winners next short film project.

So if you have a short film, submit it now! Deadline November 14th 2008

The countdown has begun!

For more info please visit: www.limelightonline.org