Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Filmaka announces new competition

Filmaka.com is an exciting new online network created by established independent producers, industry professionals and film financiers. It's about to fully launch in April after a very successful initial two years - but before that its next exciting new tie-in is with the US TV channel the FX NETWORK (Nip/Tuck, The Shield) in which anyone can have a go at creating the next hit comedy!

What do you have to do? Make a 3 minute comedy film – think a mini-pilot – that is a sample of the show you would like to make. It should introduce the premise and the main characters. Along with that, you need to upload a 1-2 page brief that outlines the plot of future episodes, the main characters and the themes.

Filmaka offers cash prizes to filmmakers in these regular competitions, and one filmmaker wins a feature film deal over the course of one year after having competed with the prize winners of each contest (the 2007 winner is to be announced on April 21st!).